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4-week programme

Start Date: September 28th 2020

30-minute live group zoom call per week 

Access to the private RIOT + RITUAL Facebook group for motivation, tips and accountability partners



BOOK BEFORE FRIDAY 18th September 2020



4-week programme Cost


Subject to Terms + Conditions (click here)



Monday 28th September

Who on earth are you selling to?

In our first session, we will get to grips with your target persona. If you’re trying to market to everyone, you may as well market to no-one. If we understand the world, challenges and drivers of our customers we can create more tailored communications and better-suited products.

As a brand provoking progress, we will address the additional motives for purchase your audience will consider.

Monday 5th October

What impact are you trying to make?

In our second session together, we will explore the impact you want to have with your business. We will establish your vision (the big impact), your mission (how you will achieve it) and your values system (what you stand for). These three components of your brand are the foundations that will guide your growth and connection with your customers.

Monday 12th October

Watch your tone!

Who even are you in the story of your customer’s life? Are you the ‘tell it like it is sidekick?’ Or the ‘exciting explorer best friend’ ready to take them on enlightening adventures? In this session, we will figure out your brand’s unique role, tone of voice and personality.

Monday 19th October

What’s your story and it’s value?

So far we have discovered who your brand is, what it does and why you exist. Now it’s time to bring together your emotional, functional and collective value as a brand to tell your unique story. Whether you’re pitching for funding or capturing the attention of your consumers online, you’ll be able to communicate your business’s value confidently and effectively.

With your brand foundations in place, you’re in the perfect position to launch your brand and provoke progress!

4-week programme Cost


5% of all revenue goes to SARI (STAND AGAINST RACISM & INEQUALITY)

Jade Hildreth – Founder of Dancing Leopard

Sarah is a pleasure to work and after three years of working with Sarah our brand consistency, as well as social content and organic reach have all improved tremendously! Her ideas have been innovative and creative. If you are looking for an approachable and knowledgeable consultant to work alongside to develop or refine your brand, I am confident to recommend Sarah.

Mirriam Pierre – Founder of Nurture Collective

Sarah was brilliant from the get-go, forward-thinking, and a real down to earth personality that you instantly warm to.

Sidekick logo | Riot and Ritual

Hannah Miller – Founder of sidekick (Leadership Coaching)

Sarah has been amazing throughout my rebranding process. Not only is she really knowledgeable, but Sarah is also really friendly and encouraging. She has made the time to really get to know me and my business. Sarah asks the big questions to get you to dig deep and think hard. If you want someone who is fun to work alongside and value-driven, work with Sarah!

Butt Nothing logo | Riot and Ritual

Hollie Taylor – Founder of Butt Nothing!

Sarah’s guidance as we started our eco-toilet roll business was invaluable. She is like our brand’s bestie, always there when you need her. She brings great ideas and she has an infectious energy and a warm nature – which is perfect when you’re starting a business.

Is this programme for me? This programme is for existing business owners looking to evolve their brands, as well as startups looking to establish their brands.  The positioning work you produce in this programme is the foundation of your brand and will guide everything you do in your business. It will help you articulate what makes your business unique and why your audience should choose you, over your competitors.  If you’re unclear on your brand’s direction, you find it hard to find the right words on social media or pitching to investors, or you’re just not getting the sales you thought you would; take this programme.

When will each session be? Every Monday morning. Your specific time will be allocated after you join and complete your assignment questionnaire.

What if I miss the zoom session? Being in the session is really important because you’ll meet the other founders and me and get all that live energy to start your week. However, I will send you a recording of the session to playback.

How much work will it involve? I will set weekly homework to be actioned and returned for sign off to progress to the next week. It will take approximately 1-2 hours per week.

Who else will be in the group session? You will be joining a lively but intimate gang of progress-driven, entrepreneurial activists like you!

When do I have to pay? This programme is priced at £250, payable immediately just like when you buy a beautiful new dress online.

How much money is donated to SARI? 5% of all revenue will be donated to SARI. That’s revenue (all money collected) not just profits! I’ll pop a video of the donation on Instagram for transparency.

How long is each session? The Monday Zoom session will be 30 minutes long, and you’ll also have 24-hour access to a private Facebook group where you’ll get to build relationships with other founders, Q&A’s with me and lots of other extra treasures to help you on your way.

How do you choose who gets a place? The spaces are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! So you’ve got to sign up to the list above and get that link before anyone else. Or, you can forget and miss out on this one of a kind brand mentoring programme.

When do tickets go on sale? Tickets go on sale 18th August!!!! Seriously, just sign up, and set a calendar reminder to be doubly sure!

Why should I choose you and this mentoring programme over your competitors? You’ll get access to my 14 years of building successful brands that started out just like you. AND, this programme is specifically designed to build brands to provoke progress. There is no other programme or course that is as tailored to your needs as a founder with purpose than this one! So do you want to cause a riot, or are you happy to leave your customers uninspired?

What if I have other questions? Just pop me an email here!


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