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Sarah Seaton

Hey, cheeky!

I’m Sarah Seaton, your new brand mentor and the founder of this bold establishment! I created Riot + Ritual to help you get your amazing products and services heard, seen and sold within your small business budget.

An eyeopening swim in the plastic pollution of Bali’s oceans and a mental health crisis was my career turning point. I craved purpose, and my body demanded a better lifestyle.  I promised myself there would be no more shallow marketing projects with clients who only care about the bottom line.

I committed to change, but then I identified another problem. I wanted to help as many progressive founders create thriving businesses as I could, but my day rates as a strategist and copywriter did not always fit a small business budget. 

With Riot + Ritual, founders like you can access my 14 years of experience and support without breaking the business bank. You can think of me as an extension of your brand team. By mentoring more successful progressive brands, I get to help pump way more bright light back onto the planet and run a business where I can take care of my health too.

THIS SPACE IS NOT FOR GREENWASHERS OR PERFORMATIVE ALLYSHIP, and that’s where the pledge comes in. The Progress Pledge is my north star. It’s a bullshit-ometer that filters the real changemakers from the fakers just trying to make a quick quid. I use it to guide my business decisions, and it helps everyone I work with.

I practice progress, not perfection – because hey – we’re all human! I eat a plant-based diet to help save animals and the planet (but I eat oysters and cheese when I’m on holiday). I have a hound called Harry Springer because dogs are cool and cats drool. I play the ukulele, but I’m still pretty crap at it, and one day I plan to run an animal sanctuary filled with pygmy goats.

Welcome to Riot + Ritual!


A few of my partners!

I have a tried and tested network of marvellous designers, developers and consultants who I work with on amplifying these wonderful brands. Brands like you, don’t just need me, you need a team that can work flexibly around you to suit your needs. Our gang is a shimmering fascination (I made this collective noun up) of specialist freelancers, and this approach means you get to work with the team that fits your needs, values, and budget.

Development Partner

Sush Kelly

I have spent years helping clients design, build and manage their websites across a whole range of platforms. Functional, accessible websites make my heart sing, adding playful micro animations and subtle touches to help you stand out and be remembered.

I’m a bearded, craft beer-loving cyclist geek…   beer bikes and bytes!

Design Partner

Charlotte Holroyd

I work hard to remain true to my ethical design agency ethos and use suppliers that are renowned for their sustainable mission (my printers are vegan and vegetarian society approved and ethical banking and energy).

I live to get out into nature. Wild swimming, hiking in the hills, foraging, or river runs to keep me sane!


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