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If you’re anything like me, you’re fiercely independent, but sometimes you need a guiding hand to steer you in the right direction. If this is you then my 121 or group brand mentoring sessions are the bee’s knees.

My 1-2-1 brand mentoring sessions are for those who want bespoke support in creating their brands. Each session addresses pre-agreed business challenges and objectives, and you will always leave with actionable strategies to progress your brand. Get in touch for a bespoke programme and quote.

My group brand mentoring sessions are full of strategic brand treasures, and the team dynamic of progressive founders also gives you that extra bit of accountability and the kick up the butt you need to succeed. 

You will build your brand through weekly group zooms with me and the group, as well as access to a private Facebook group where you can create a fantastic network of like-minded founders to support you on your business journey.

Access to the Group mentoring programmes are on set dates, and ONLY 10 PEOPLE will be gain access. Sign up to the waitlist on the links below to get access to these unique brand-building programmes.

Position for Progress

This 4-week online group mentoring programme is for fearless founders looking to establish or reposition their brand in their market. Your brand needs to stand out from its competitors. I will help you build a brand that gets the attention it deserves. A brand that provokes social and environmental progress, not customer apathy. We will establish your brand foundations, identify your audience, mission, vision, unique proposition and brand story. I’m there with you every step of the way.

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Looking for insight to drive your business strategy? Remember, I’ve got 14 years experience, plus a degree in Sociology so I’ve got you covered.  If you think you can build a business without doing your research, this place is not for you! Knowledge is the warrior queen of strategy; everything else is assumption based marketing that opens you up to mistakes and missed opportunities.

Brand Ecosystem + Competitor Audits

How progressive are you? I will send you a report on how successful and impactful your existing brand ecosystem is. But, it’s not just about you, I will also take a look at your competitors to identify a unique space in the market just for you!

Customer Interviews, Surveys + Focus Groups

Get to know your target personas so you can create valuable products and messaging. If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re wasting your time and may as well be marketing to no-one.

Being aware of the conversations and existing narratives in your industry means you can figure out where you stand. I compile a trends report that identifies opportunities to change the narrative and build a strong voice in the conversation – a critical part of your brand’s strategy.


If all eyes are on your brand, what would people say? A brand is a perception – it’s what other people say and think about your business. When you’re trying to make a social or environmental change, it’s essential to know what your brand stands for and what you’re striving to achieve. So, if you’re struggling to articulate yourself, I’ll help you build your brand strategy foundations from establishing your mission and values to developing your messaging and your brand story. You’ll never struggle to find the right words again!


I will help you create campaigns that are so infectious, you’ll want to get tested. OOOH EERRR


The biggest myth about copywriting is that anyone can do it! Sorry, people. I have to give it to you straight. Writing, whether it’s blog posts, page copy, campaign messaging, or ad copy is an art form – one that I’ve spent nearly 14 years developing. If you’re thinking about outsourcing it then you already know its not your bag. Equally, if you just don’t have the time – I’m here for you.


The RIOT + RITUAL gang is at your service! I will recommend the perfect web developer or designer to help you build sites, brand identities and content that captivate and convert. 

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