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The Progress Pledge is a movement that empowers companies to make social and environmental progress while being guided by a promise that gives them what every brand strives for… integrity!

Many companies have already taken the pledge, and dozens of founders, consultants, and events are joining in to push the movement forward.

I created The Progress Pledge for 3 main reasons:

– To help guide the business decisions of brands
– To help brands communicate their intentions and actions effectively to their customers and teams
– To help build a network of likeminded badass entrepreneurial activists who celebrate and platform each other.

YOU can be an influential leader of this movement and shift the culture to help companies stand at the forefront of both environmental and social change. #ProgressPledge


We believe that truth is a core principle to achieve progress. We promise to provide fact-checked and honest communications to our employees and our customers from representative sources.


To gain respect and trust, as brands, we promise to always be transparent about the position of our progression, no matter where we are. By admitting our imperfections and privilege, we promise to be open-minded and take our customers and employees on that journey with us as we learn together.


We promise to TAKE ACTION to avoid performative activism. By doing the work we know we and can achieve real progress and build trust and respect from our customers and employees.


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